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Escrow Central LLC

If the Seller or Investor does not want to assume the servicing responsibilities of a lender but rather maintain a passive role,  Escrow Central LLC, can fulfill both regulatory and ethical obligations, as well as provide ancillary benefits associated with the involvement of an independent third party servicer.

 Complete and accurate records of all payments.

 Tax and Insurance escrows.

 Timely and documented response to borrower inquiries, payoff requests, and disputes.


The fields on which we give services

Escrow Consolidation

Experienced Personnel trained to handle a wide range of transactions such as commercial or residential sales, refinances, and sales by owners.

Business Consulting

Our Experts help you to improve financial performance in your business offering you an organization aligned system to ensure the entire process.

Real Estate Investment

We analyze the real estate market conditions to guide investors to the best possible investment opportunities, within their criteria. Whether it is an investment property,…

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